Hey fam! Remember those awesome days when we all met up at Kennywood for Juggalo Day? It was just us, the Juggalos, having a blast together at the park.

The Kennywood Takeover

Kennywood, with its classic rides and old-school charm, became our playground. Juggalos everywhere, faces painted, and spreading that Juggalo love all over the place. We turned the park into our own personal carnival.

While the memories are fuzzy, as they tend to be, I remember it being a great time with all you crazy bastards. I always ended up with soggy shoes and sore feet. Several of us would paint up and confuse the normies. I know for a fact several of us used craft paint.. that was a choice.

Juggalo Day Group Photo
I’m the goofy bastard at the bottom right with black and red paint on.

The Rides We Loved

Here are some of the rides we took over:

  • The Phantom’s Revenge: This coaster was all about those insane drops and high speeds. Perfect for an adrenaline rush.
  • The Thunderbolt: A wooden classic with twists and turns that gave us all the nostalgic feels.
  • The Jack Rabbit: Known for its double dip, this ride had us cheering with its awesome airtime.
  • The Racer: A side-by-side coaster where we could race our friends. Super fun and competitive.
  • The Exterminator: An indoor spinning coaster with dark ride vibes and some wild spins. A unique ride for sure.

Community Vibes

What made Juggalo Day special was the community. We painted our faces, wore our merch, and just enjoyed the day with our Juggalo family. It was a time to meet new people, share stories, and celebrate what it means to be a Juggalo.

It was a little but of an invasion. I don’t remember if Kennywood ever got annoyed with us but I’m sure they did. I was a bit of a menace, and I know for a fact so were many others. I would have to ask Sorg if we ever got complaints or asked to leave. We were not always welcome where we roamed!

The Atmosphere

The whole park was buzzing with Juggalo energy. Everywhere you looked, there were Juggalos having a blast, playing games, riding coasters, and just hanging out. It felt like home.

The summer heat was always happy to show up. Or rain. You never know which you’re going to get in Pittsburgh. I feel like at least one year left us rained out. The life of a Pittsburgher, we just learn to role with the weather.

The Legacy

Even though Juggalo Day at Kennywood isn’t a thing anymore, the memories we made are still strong. Those days showed how awesome our community is and the fun we can have when we come together.

While we had many mini gatherings the yearly Kennywood trip always felt much bigger. I always looked forward to those days and did my best to make it. Being a broke ass kid made it hard but I always found a way. Eating while I was there was a different story, however, thank goodness for being a skinny ass kid.

Remembering the Good Times

Who else misses those days? Share your favorite memories and let’s keep the spirit alive. Whoop whoop!

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