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The History of Western PA Juggalos

Welcome to the relaunch of WesternPAJuggalos.com, your go-to spot for all things Juggalo in Western Pennsylvania. While the years have passed and many of us have been busy adulting it’s hard to forget the old days. I know personally I like to think back fondly on the prim days of WPAJ.

Here’s a detailed look back at our journey:

The Beginning

WesternPAJuggalos.com was launched in November 2001 by Michael Sorg. The website was originally created by and for Juggalos attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

AIP Juggalos Website Screenshot

At a time when regional Juggalo sites were popping up everywhere, we quickly established ourselves as a central hub for fans of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and the broader Juggalo culture. The site was born out of the vibrant Juggalo community at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where students and fans came together to share their passion.

Building the Community

From the outset, WesternPAJuggalos.com was more than just a website—it was a community. Our forums were bustling with activity, providing a space for Juggalos to discuss music, plan meetups, and share their experiences. We hosted exclusive interviews with artists, covered local and national events, and kept everyone updated with the latest news from the Juggalo world.

So many of us were teenagers or young adults entering the ‘real world.’ It was a way to make friends, memories, and create a safe space. I know, today that is sometimes thrown around as a negative but for us it created a community that we felt safe in. So much of the music was just about having fun and being a little crazy. it was great times.

Events and Activities

One of the highlights of WesternPAJuggalos.com was our involvement in organizing and promoting events. From local gatherings to major concerts, we were there, helping to bring Juggalos together. Our event coverage was comprehensive, featuring photos, reviews, and recaps that captured the essence of each experience.

It could be something as simple as meeting up for pizza, going bowling, catching a concert, attending a CD release party, or just hanging out in my basement (not as sketchy as it sounds 😅). Through these events we made friends and memories that reminded us that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Get out there, listen to some music, make friends, have a little fun.

WPAJ Radio

A unique feature of our site was WPAJ Radio, our own internet radio station dedicated to rock music and Juggalo culture. It provided a platform for sharing music, interviews, and live broadcasts of events, further strengthening the bond within our community.

The Hiatus

After nearly a decade of being at the heart of the Juggalo community in Western Pennsylvania, WesternPAJuggalos.com went offline on November 15, 2009. This decision was made to make room for future projects, marking the end of an era. During this time, the Juggalo community continued to evolve, but the absence of our site left a void that many felt deeply.

The Return

Now, after years of dormancy, we’re excited to bring back WesternPAJuggalos.com. The Juggalo community has grown and changed, and we’re here to reconnect with old friends and welcome new members. Our mission remains the same: to provide a space for Juggalos to connect, share, and celebrate their unique culture.

Join Us

We invite you to be part of this exciting new chapter for WesternPAJuggalos.com. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, there’s a place for you here. Let’s make new memories and keep the Juggalo spirit alive!

Welcome back, Juggalos! Let’s rock this!


For more details and a deeper dive into our history, you can visit:

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